Guard Dog Security

  • Trained and licensed dog handlers
  • Passive and pro-active drug dog teams
  • Effective crime deterrent

GB Security Solutions have an expert team of professionally trained and licensed dog-handlers, providing excellent guard dog security in Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire.

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Guard dog

Security Dogs

Security dogs are very effective in carrying out patrols around the premises in which you require to be secure, canines provide a high quality security solution and deterrent; with their enhanced senses and excellent awareness they are able to smell, see or hear intruders or hidden persons. Our trained canines provide handler protection while also being able to carry out searches to help secure premises or events, for example, we have passive and pro-active drugs dog teams. As well as static guard dog security, we also offer this service as part of our alarm response if we feel like the premises is high risk. Due to the dog’s senses, even for large areas, they are able to carry out searches and find whatever they are required to more effectively and more efficiently.

K9 Security

Our K9 security units are fully trained, have an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence and have been DBS cleared. We make sure all of our handlers have all the relevant licences and checks as this is essential for keeping our guard dog unit at the high standard they are. Our main priority is keeping people and premises safe and the high standard we lead makes our K9 security service one of the best in the area. If you require our guard dog security unit or are interested to find out more information, please use the contact form below and we will be in touch.

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