Gatehouse Security

  • Manned gatehouse
  • Authorised visitors only
  • Monitored CCTV

Gatehouse security is essential for protecting and limiting access to your site or offices, GB Security Solutions provide fully trained and certified officers to guard your industrial or commercial area throughout Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire.

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Gatehouse security guard

Physical Security Presence

A physical security presence is a much bigger deterrent for intruders or unauthorised visitors, making this service a big appeal to larger companies. All of our guards are able to carry out a variety of duties such as identification checks to ensure that only employees and authorised visitors gain access to your company premises or building. Along with this our officers also carry out other extra checks such as vehicle checks, spot checks and bag searches to ensure no visitor poses a threat to your business.

Manned Guarding

For larger industrial and commercial sites, manned guarding can be a more effective way to protect your site against unauthorised access, break-ins or vandalism. All of our guards are certified, experienced and fully trained in their area of security, our number one priority is ensuring that you get the best level of service and your premises remain safe and secure. On top of security duties, our guards are able to carry out administrative duties, such as check-in and out and fire registering, ensuring the safety of everyone entering, moving within and leaving the premises.

Our gatehouse security officers can also monitor CCTV throughout your building or site to ensure there is no suspicious activity inside your premises and if there is then this is dealt with appropriately. For further information on how we can help to secure your commercial or industrial premises, complete our quick contact form below.

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