Construction Site Security

  • Experienced site security
  • Manned, patrolled and CCTV
  • Protecting on-site machinery

GB Security Solutions provide high quality construction site security throughout Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire; guarding your site against unwanted visitors and break-ins.

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Protect Your Site

As construction sites are filled with expensive, high value equipment and materials, it makes them the perfect target for thieves. Refusal of insurance of constructions sites is also very common due to the high percentage of sites being damaged or stolen from, this refusal can only be overcome with security in place. Whether your premises is a building site, industrial site or commercial site, we offer full time or patrol security options to suit your security requirements. As well as physical security, we also offer security systems to monitor your site at all times, these systems include CCTV and alarm systems on containers or units.

Corporate Security

Professional security guards within a corporate environment are an excellent way to keep your employees, visitors and building safe. We understand that keeping the people within your business safe is just as important as keeping the building safe and secure, that’s why we provide highly trained, polite and effective security guards to ensure that all of your security requirements are met and you and your employees feel safe. Our experience at providing a variety of security solutions for different industries allows us to cater to the needs of many different types of businesses and provide solutions to help with their security. Complete our quick contact form below to talk to a professional company about securing your construction site.

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