As the terror threat in the UK heightens and we all have to start being extra vigilant, some thoughts here regarding our security when we are out and about at large public gathering places like shopping centres and sports stadiums.

I read with interest about the sniffer dog in Stirling, Scotland that had sniffed out thousands of pounds worth of illegal cigarettes whilst working at the local shopping centre. Maybe its time that local councils realised that we don’t just need protecting against the cigarette trade.

It wouldn’t take much to employ a dog handling team to detect other dangers such as explosives in these areas. The sniffer dogs are not intrusive and just get on with their job without disruption to the public, unless they find something then they are saving lives, and nipping a terrorist threat in the bud. It would soon become apparent to the terrorists that “easy targets” like shopping centres aren’t so easy any more.

At the moment most are just giving a little lip service and a few pamphlets handed out but no credible security measures in place. In order to stop these threats and make the British public feel a lot more secure in our own country, I feel we need to be more proactive.